Erin Patterson arrested for mushroom poisoning meal

Erin Patterson arrested for mushroom poisoning meal

Erin Patterson arrested for mushroom poisoning meal

Police arrested Erin Patterson for a suspected mushroom poisoning meal which has resulted in the deaths of people. Erin Patterson is a mushroom cook based in the Victoria region.

Erin at the center of a mushroom lunch prepared a meal that killed three people in regional Victoria. Afterward, homicide detectives arrested her and took her to the police station.

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Police arrested Erin Patterson at her home in Leongatha, Gippsland to investigate her regarding a poisonous mushroom meal. She will be formally questioned at Wonthaggi police station.

Detective Inspector Dean Thomas described the arrest as the “next step” in a long investigation. He told reporters that he knows people have many questions in relation to this matter and is hopeful that I can provide answers to them today.

Erin Patterson arrested for mushroom poisoning meal

Inspector Dean said however it’s not that simple matter. He added today’s arrest is just the next step in a complex and thorough investigation by Homicide Squad detectives that is far from over.

Mr.Dean stated that the investigation has been subjected to “incredibly intense levels” of public inspection and curiosity over the last three months. He encouraged people to be particularly mindful of unnecessary speculation and the sharing of misinformation.

The recent arrest comes almost three months after detectives linked a lunch at the home to the deaths of three people. Homicide Squad detectives previously questioned Mushroom Cook and released her without charge in August.

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