NSW Police Rampart Operation against anti-social behavior

NSW Police Rampart Operation

NSW Police Rampart Operation against anti-social behavior

The Operation Rampart of New South Wales (NSW) Police is underway against anti-social behavior across train networks. This operation is to target offenders across New South Wales’ train network.

NSW Police, in collaboration with Sydney Trains, is targeting a variety of illegal behaviors commonly observed in train stations, carriages, and platforms.

The mission of NSW Police Operation Rampart is to eliminate general anti-social behavior, assaults, property crimes, and buffer riding. There were 27 reports of buffer riding or roof riding on NSW trains In 2023.

The risky conduct involves a person climbing onto the back of a moving train carriage and jumping off at the next station. According to NSW Transport Secretary Josh Murray, buffer riding is far from harmless fun.

Josh stated this is far from harmless fun or content for a social media reel. It puts the safety of passengers, staff, and the person themselves at serious risk.

It is dangerous for people to ride a bike or scooter while hanging on to the light rail. Even though they’re called “light rail.” They weigh at least 40 tons when they’re empty. They are not light when they hit a person, a bike, or a skateboard.

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Moreover, Josh said warning signs against buffer riding are put on light rail vehicles for a reason. So, the people breaking the rules can easily fall and suffer serious injuries or die. Those climbing on the vehicles run a high risk of electrocution.

Superintendent Mark Wall, PT&PSC South West Commander, also mentioned the dangers of the exercise. He said the message is simple; don’t put your life at risk trying to impress your friends or to get ‘views’ on social media.

Last year, buffer riding and anti-social behavior like jumping in the train corridor resulted in significant delays across the public transportation network. Hence, the operation started in November and will continue for another month.

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