Boycott Maldives trends as Politician mocks PM Modi visit

Boycott Maldives trends

Boycott Maldives trends as Politician mocks PM Modi visit

Hashtag Boycott Maldives trends on Twitter X following Maldivian politician Zahid Rameez’s inappropriate remarks on PM Modi’s Lakshadweep visit. Indian netizens are running a social media campaign for a boycott of Maldives trips.

It comes after a controversial remark by Zahid Rameez about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to the Lakshadweep archipelago. He passed remarks after Modi visited to boost global tourism in Lakshadweep islands.

He tweeted that everything about the move is great but the idea of competing with us is delusional. How can they do what we do for a living? How could they be so clean? The smell that will stay in the flats will be the worst thing about them. However, he deleted this tweet after facing backlash.

Boycott Maldives trends

However, Former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed later slammed the Zahid’s objectionable comments. He called the Zahid’s remark “appalling” and said India is an “important ally” for the security and prosperity of Maldives.

The Mohamed Muizzu government must distance itself from these comments and assure India that they do not reflect government policy Nasheed.

Maldives Tourism Minister Moosa Zameer tweeted that the recent remarks directed at foreign leaders and our neighbors are unacceptable and do not reflect the official viewpoint of the Maldives government.

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It is important to note that millions of tourists visit Maldives every year. A large number of these tourists hail from India. Indian netizens claim that Zahid found PM Modi’s move a “big setback” for the Maldives because it “will boost” tourism in Lakshadweep. In this regard, he passed a statement via Twitter X and after hashtag calling for a boycott of the Maldives trends on Twitter X.

On the other hand, Zahid defended his statement saying it came after Indians’ provocative posts against visiting Maldives. He responded to another Indian tweet with, While you’re at it, remember how it all started.

Zahid emphasized that his tweets were sent after this insensitive and unnecessary provocation of Indian netizens. The Maldives government is nobody’s puppet, be it China, India, or any other country.

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