iPhone 16 Pro leaks with major screen and camera upgrades

iPhone 16 Pro

iPhone 16 Pro leaks with major screen and camera upgrades

The iPhone 16 Pro series will not be available until at least September- October this year. But we have many early details based on iPhone 16 Pro concepts courtesy of MacRumors.

The 16 Pro is called Diablo and the Pro Max is known internally as “Lightning.” Unsurprisingly, these initial reports show that Apple may keep to a familiar design formula, closely similar to previous versions. However, the main differences appear to be the larger screens and the addition of a dedicated Capture button on the side.

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Features and Specifications

  • 16 Pro Max has a larger screen measuring 6.85 inches and dimensions of 163 x 77.58 x 8.25mm and weighs roughly 225 grams.
  • Aside from their size, the 16 Pro and Pro Max are believed to have updated 48MP ultrawide cameras, while the smaller 16 Pro is expected to have a 5x tetraprism zoom lens.
  • The all-new Capture button is the most interesting hardware update in the upcoming 16 Pro series. There are rumors that it will include a force sensor that will be perfectly integrated into the phone’s frame. Although this feature is specific to Pro model iPhones, distinguishing them from the rest of Apple’s lineup.
  • The Capture button will serve as a handy shortcut to the camera app. Its positioning on the smartphone is strategic to the frame for ease of operation.
  • The addition of the Capture button, however, comes with a cost. Apple will need to make some changes to support this feature. The relocation of the US-exclusive mmWave antenna to the left side of the device is one significant modification.

iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max Price

The estimated base price for the iPhone 16 Pro is around $999. The iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to start at $1,199. However, some reports suggest the price may be higher due to camera upgrades.

The abovementioned details are based on leaks and speculations. There can be no certainty until the iPhone 16 Pro is officially unveiled. There are expectations that it will launch in September 2024. However, Apple has not officially announced a date yet.

Disclaimer: The actual design and functionality of the 16 Pro and Pro Max may differ. These early leaks, though, provide a taste of what Apple may have in store for its upcoming 16 Pro models.

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