Western Japan earthquake killed 100 people with several missing

Western Japan earthquake killed 100 people

Western Japan earthquake killed 100 people with several missing

According to recent reports, there are 100 people have been killed as a result of the Jan 1, 2024 earthquake northwest of Suzu in Western Japan. Rescuers are still rescuing people from the rubble.

The death toll had risen to 98 earlier in the day. But today, two more people in Anamizu have lost their lives. The Western Japan massive earthquake of 7.5 magnitude not only killed 100 people but also missed people to about 211.

Rescue staff rescued some individuals trapped in collapsing homes for days. They rescued a man 72 hours after a severe earthquake hit the western coast of Japan.

According to Ishikawa officials, 59 of those killed were from Wajima, 23 from Suzu, and the rest were from five different towns. There are more than 500 people injured and 27 of them are in critical condition.

The University of Tokyo’s Earthquake Research Institute discovered that the sandy shoreline of western Japan migrated up to 250 meters seaward in some locations.

The earthquake caused a big fire in Wajima, tsunamis, and landslides throughout the Ishikawa region in Western Japan. The concerns grew when a severe earthquake destroyed and blocked many roads. It left several villages without water, food, blankets, and medicine.

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However, the United States has declared a $100,000 relief package including blankets, water, and medical supplies. On the other hand, Japanese baseball player Shohei Ohtani from Los Angeles also announced aid for affected areas. Although, he did not specify the amount.

Thousands of Japanese military troops have joined the rescue operation to reach the hardest-hit areas on the Noto Peninsula. It is the epicenter of the earthquake linked to the rest of the main island of Honshu by a narrow land strip.

Experts warned of disease and even death in the evacuation centers that shelter approximately 34,000 people. Many of these are elder people who have lost their homes due to the deadliest earthquake.

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