Nestle unveiled Maggi Mug noodles to replace plastic waste

Nestle unveiled Maggi Mug noodles

Nestle unveiled Maggi Mug noodles to replace plastic waste

Nestle has unveiled a significant modification to launch its two-minute Maggi Mug noodles to decrease plastic packaging in Australian stores. Maggie has changed its famous instant noodles product to reduce plastic waste.

Whether eaten as a quick snack or as an ingredient in a recipe, two-minute noodles have become a kitchen essential in Australian families. However, it is crucial to understand the difference between cup noodles and mug noodles.

Cup noodles are a type of instant noodles served in a cup or bowl. Mug noodles are a more environmentally friendly alternative to cup noodles, using less plastic and requiring the user to provide their mug.

The Nestle-owned Maggi brand unveiled its new Maggi Mug Noodles product as part of its sustainability efforts. Packages of mug noodles in chicken and beef flavors have begun appearing in supermarkets nationwide.

Each box will include four small packets of two-minute noodles. Nestle made this approach believing that this redesign would minimize plastic packaging by 83%.

The new boxes of mug noodles will eventually replace Maggie’s trademark four-pack of plastic noodle cups. However, Nestle understands the popularity and convenience of the noodle cups and will not fully wipe them out.

Maggi Mug Noodles are designed to fit perfectly in a regular mug with boiling water. Monique Koning is head of Nestle Foods Marketing. According to Monique, they know that many of their customers enjoy eating instant noodles in a cup at home, so they redesigned the cup.

Nestle unveiled Maggi Mug noodles

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Furthermore, Monique stated that they will manufacture Maggi’s two-minute chicken and beef boodle wrappers using 50% recycled plastic. It will also save enough new plastic each year to cover over 400 football fields. The same goes for the plastic packets in each box of Maggi Mug Noodles.

Monique also said that the Maggi team is proud to be at the forefront of reducing plastic packaging in the instant noodle category. This is only the beginning of their journey.

Maggi Mug Noodles also have the same serving size as the multipack of cup noodles and cost a recommended retail price of $6.

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