More than 100 arrested at World’s largest Newcastle coal port

More than 100 arrested at World's largest Newcastle coal port

More than 100 arrested at World’s largest Newcastle coal port

There are more than 100 people have arrested at the World’s largest Newcastle coal port in Australia for climate inaction protest.

Hundreds of protestors swam or kayaked into the shipping channel of Australia’s Newcastle to register the protest for climate inaction by the Australian government.

Why did the Police arrest protestors?

The protest and two-day blockade continued for two days which resulted in the arrest of 109 protestors. The New South Wales Police (NSWP) claim that the blockade of protestors has stopped approximately 500,000 tonnes of coal from leaving Australia beyond the agreed deadline of 30 hours. In this regard, NSWP has taken action against protestors and arrested 109 people who blockaded the port.

More than 100 arrested at World’s largest Newcastle coal port

Australia is the world’s second-largest coal exporter relying on fossil fuel for its own electrical generation. The Port of Newcastle is about 170 kilometers from Sydney and is the most important coal shipping port in Australia.

An estimated 3,000 people across Australia took part in the police-approved 30-hour weekend blockade of the shipping lane. However, dozens of protestors stayed in the water after the protest cut-off point. Afterward, it resulted in 109 arrests including five kids who were later freed.

Blockade at the Port of Newcastle as thousands protest against coal and gas projects 

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According to NSWP, 104 people have been charged for refusing to leave the harbor channel. The organization named “Rising Tide” launched this protest and called it the biggest act of civil disobedience for the climate in the history of Australia.

Rising Tide protested to urge the Australian government to impose a tax on thermal coal exports and cancel new fossil fuel projects to stop carbon dioxide emissions which play a major role in global warming.

Australia has long been regarded as a “Climate Lingerer”. Because it is delaying its efforts to curb carbon dioxide emissions as a result of climate inaction. As a matter of fact, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese promised to reduce emissions in 2022 when he took office.

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