Mellakatte teacher suspended for forcing students to clean toilets

Mellakatte teacher suspended

Mellakatte teacher suspended for forcing students to clean toilets

The education department officers have suspended a teacher named CK Savithramma for forcing female students to clean toilets in Mellakatte High School, Devanagari. CK Savithramma is a schoolteacher in a government high school in Mellakatte village.

The education department suspended teacher CK Savithramma from Mellakatte school after reports of forcing female students to clean toilets. An early investigation discovered that CK allegedly forced the children to clean the bathrooms and recorded it to blame the headmistress of the school.

CK Savithramma involved herself in controversy after a video appeared on social media. The video clip showed female students cleaning toilets under the supervision of CK at a high school in Mellakatte village.

The students seemed to clean bathrooms with buckets and sweepers. It shocked netizens about teacher’s behavior and also the management of the school.

However, the incident appeared to be the outcome of a disagreement between CK Savithramma and the principal of the school, A Shobha. Before the event, Shobha had sent a notification to CK Savithramma.

Mellakatte teacher suspended

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This notification mentioned concerns about the excessive usage of mobile phones on school grounds and the alleged evaluation of exam answer sheets by her family members. So, people familiar with this situation believe that the complaint of Shobha may have influenced the behavior of Savithramma.

A Block education officer (BEO), Sher Ali, conducted an early investigation and visited the school yesterday, Feb 14, 2024. He found out that the instruction of Savithramma to female students to clean toilets was purposeful. Hence, this caused the education department to suspend Savithramma.

Davanagere deputy director of public instruction (DDPI), G Kotresh, stated that shortly after getting the BEO report. It shows the education administration suspended Savithramma for her act outlawed by the government.

According to G Kotresh, the female students also witnessed that teacher Savithramma directed them to clean the toilets. Hence, a departmental investigation has been launched against her and is ongoing.

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