Meaux murders of five family members in a Paris suburb flat

Meaux murders

Meaux murders of five family members in a Paris suburb flat

The murders of five members of one family happened in a suburb flat in Meaux which is just over 41km from Paris. A woman and her four younger children are among the dead ones.

This tragic incident happened on Christmas day, leading the prosecutors to launch an investigation. At first, Actu 17 reported this horrific news of Meaux murders. According to the news website Actu 17, police are looking for the head and father of a family who seems on the run.

Although the victimized family’s 33-year-old father is the primary suspect in this terrible act, he has remained missing since his discovery which has forced authorities to conduct an extensive search.

The Versailles judicial police service takes over the investigation. The public is eagerly waiting for the press conference of prosecutors of Meaux on this matter.

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Unfortunately, this is not the first incident of this kind in Paris. There have been two such cases in recent months where fathers committed triple homicide.

A 41-year-old man confessed to the murder of his three daughters during a custody battle with his ex-partner in November 2023. The murdered daughters were aged four to eleven years. Police found the innocent killed daughters in a home in the town of Alfortville. This town is in the south-eastern suburbs of Paris.

Furthermore, another father murdered his three daughters before committing suicide at his home in October. Both incidents occurred in a tense family setting. However, the father of the police officer, who took his own life after killing his daughters in Vemars, Val-d’Oise, has been found murdered.

However, the frequency and severity of these incidents highlight the terrible problem of the region regarding family violence and homicide killings. It serves as an upsetting reminder of the dangers that might lurk behind closed doors even in calm suburb houses.

As the Meaux investigation unfolds, the town and the nation grapple with the harsh reality of these tragedies.

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