GTA 5 source code leaks give a major blow to Rockstar Games

GTA 5 source code leaks

GTA 5 source code leaks give a major blow to Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games faces a major blow as the source code of its online game GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V) leaks. It is not the first time of leaks because GTA leaks also happened last year.

Video game companies Insomniac and Rockstar Games faced big data leaks earlier this month. It appears that developers and gamers worldwide are suffering the worst holiday season ever.

A popular YouTuber SKizzle stated in a post that the full source code of GTA 5 has leaked publicly. It has also revealed details regarding Bully 2 and the next GTA title called “Project Americas.”

The YouTuber verified the news by posting a snapshot of the leaked GTA 5 source code. It shows that Rockstar was also working on a possible successor to the critically hit Bully video game.

Another report on X states that the source code has been released in a Discord channel. However, the name of it has not been revealed to prevent the material from spreading.

A fan known as “Agent” also posted his share of the GTA 5 source code leaks. As well as photographs showing Rockstar Games’ RAGE engine on X. However, he has now removed this post.

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The GTA 5 source code and footage also faced leakage last year. But Rockstar Games never made it public until now. It causes the developer huge data loss and perhaps affects the present and future gamers of the franchise.

Online gamers also emphasized the possible effects of the leaked source code. It could result in delays for Rockstar Games’ planned GTA 6.

Because Rockstar Games has yet to respond to the leak. Fans are asking to respect the developers’ efforts and avoid spreading the revealed source code further.

Another company Insomniac Games recently faced a massive data leak. It revealed a completely downloaded unreleased Wolverine video game. As well as facts about their planned releases.

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