MCB demands investigation into Tory Islamophobic remarks

MCB demands investigation

MCB demands investigation into Tory Islamophobic remarks

The largest UK Muslim group (MCB) demands an investigation of Islamophobic remarks made by Tory (Conservative party) members. MCB refers to the Muslim Council of Britain.

The Muslim Council of Britain said it wrote a letter to Conservative party head Richard Holden regarding Islamophobic remarks of party members. MCB alleged this week was full of provocative statements and Islamophobia from senior figures in the Conservative party.

The Muslim body cited comments made by party deputy chair Lee Anderson. Lee stated that Islamists have taken control of London. His statement came as London’s Mayor is Sadiq Khan, a Muslim. However, the statement of Lee received widespread criticism. He was also suspended as whip chief after his Islamophobic remarks.

MCB also noted remarks made this week by former secretary Suella Braverman and former Prime Minister Liz Truss. Suella Braverman wrote in a Daily Telegraph article that Islamists are in charge. MCB considered this move by Ms. Suella a well-trodden Islamophobic path.”

Meanwhile, the MCB also criticized Liz Truss for staying quiet while American media executive Steve Bannon called Tommy Robinson a far-right hero. Tommy Robinson is an English anti-Islam campaigner in the United Kingdom.

The secretary general of MCB, Zara Mohammed, wrote to Mr. Richard that they believe that Islamophobia in the party is institutional, allowed by party leadership, and accepted by a large party of the party membership.

MCB demands investigation
General Secretary of Muslim British Council

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Zara also criticized the Conservatives for only canceling the whip chief position of Lee Anderson after he refused to apologize for his anti-Muslim remarks. Zara considered it Islamophobic, racist, and fueled by the fire of anti-Muslim hatred.

Following these remarks by Tory members, MCB condemns and demands an investigation into the alleged Islamophobic campaign by Conservatives. Recent data shows there has been a significant increase in Islamophobic incidents since the Oct 7th attack on Israel by Hamas.

According to the London-based charity Islamophobia Response Unit (IRU), reports of Islamophobia incidents increased by 365 percent since Oct 2023.

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