Massive fire broke out in Gujranwala factory destroying valuables

Massive fire broke out in Gujranwala factory

Massive fire broke out in Gujranwala factory destroying valuables

A massive fire broke out at a fiber door manufacturing factory in the Naukhar area of Gujranwala last night. According to reports, the fire started when an explosive (firework) dropped inside the fiber door manufacturing factory.

The fire quickly spread throughout the entire plant. Three fire trucks and rescue crews responded to the call and extinguished the fire after a chaotic struggle, dealing with a furious outburst of fire.

Massive fire broke out in Gujranwala factory

According to rescue sources, there were no casualties reported in the incident. However, a massive fire broke out in the Gujranwala factory, destroying goods worthy of millions to ashes.

Previous Fire Incidents in Gujranwala

Gujranwala has been recently the center of fire outbreaks. A massive fire broke out last year at an oil refinery in Ali Pur Chatta, Gujranwala. Rescue personnel arrived and began the firefighting operation.

According to rescue personnel, the fire broke out in the boiler chamber of an oil refinery. Meanwhile, five rescue vehicles reached the incident place and helped in the firefighting effort to extinguish the fire burst.

The sources claimed that the refinery contained 25,000 liters of crude oil. The specific cause of the fire was not determined. Then Ex-Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif took notice of the fire in the oil refinery.

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Ex-PM Shehbaz ordered immediate and quick action to protect the public and the workforce employed there. He also launched an investigation committee to determine the exact cause of the massive fire breakout at an oil refinery.

Apart from this, the fire broke out in a Landa Bazaar near Sheranwala Bagh in Gujranwala. It spread quickly and surrounded more than 100 shops.

After receiving the news of the massive fire outburst, eleven firefighting vehicles arrived at the fire zone and began working to put out the fire. The fire turned millions of dollars worth of items into ashes. The source of the fire outbreak was unknown.

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