Kevin Rudd criticizes China’s sonar incident

Kevin Rudd criticizes China's sonar incident

Kevin Rudd criticizes China’s sonar incident

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd criticizes China’s sonar incident against Australian naval divers. Kevin slammed the use of sonar technology by China which injured Aussie naval divers.

Mr.Kevin is also the current ambassador of Australia to the United States since 2023. Ambassador Kevin dismissed the claims of China stating that the facts had been exaggerated.

Mr.Kevin said he thinks the activities of China through the Chinese Naval destroyer have been outrageous. The incident happened within Japan’s exclusive economic zone which is closer to the Chinese coast.

Furthermore, Kevin said the action of China against Royal Australian Navy HMAS Toowoomba comes at a time when the Chinese have stated that they want to improve their relationship with Australia and stabilize relationships more broadly.

Kevin Rudd criticizes China’s sonar incident

What is Chinese Sonar Incident against Australian Navy Divers?

On November 18, 2023, HMAS Toowoomba (FFH 156) experienced a People’s Liberation Army-Navy destroyer in Japan’s economic zone. People’s Liberation Army-Navy is also known as the Chinese Navy. Australian naval divers were injured due to an unsafe and unprofessional run of high-powered Chinese sonar technology.

The acting prime minister of Australia Richard Marles expressed serious concerns on behalf of the Australian Government to Chinese officials after HMAS Toowoomba came into contact with a People’s Liberation Army-Navy destroyer.

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On the other hand, the Chinese government has rejected claims of Australia that one of its warships used high-powered sonar to injure a team of Royal Australian Navy divers.

Chinese government spokesperson Mao Ning stated that the Chinese military follows discipline strictly and operates professionally following international laws and common practices.

She expressed hope saying relevant parties will stop making trouble in front of the doorsteps of China. And work with China to preserve the momentum of improving and growing China-Australia ties.

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