Australia signs new partnership with the US

Australia signs new partnership with the US

Australia signs new partnership with the US

Australia on behalf of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese signs a new partnership with US President Joe Biden. Mr. Anthony is supportive of space activities in Australia following the new US partnership.

Australian PM visited the United States to establish stronger and nurture its bilateral relationship with the US. During his visit, he signed a TSA (Technology Space Agreement) that would allow the transfer of American space technology to Australia.

Australia signs new partnership with the US

PM Anthony believes the TSA Agreement will boost jobs

The new space agreement will boost the commercial space industry in Australia by approving more satellite launches by United States companies from Australian sites. Anthony believes the TSA agreement will boost jobs and investments in north Australia due to closer cooperation on space industries.

PM Anthony met US Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken today in Washington D.C. It reaffirms the commitment of the US and Australia to the values they share. After this meeting, Anthony confirmed the news of the space launch agreement on his official Twitter account.

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CEO Lloyd Damp of an innovative space company in southern Australia appreciated the newly signed space agreement. He said this agreement shows a clear message from the Albanese government. They are supportive of space activities in Australia.

CEO Lloyd said Australia and the US are supportive of space activities here in Australia. It involves the launching of rockets from the Australian nation. And the return of capsules that are already in orbit.

He added that it is a very strong message and very exciting for us as a company and nation as we move forward.

White House claims that the TSA protects sensitive U.S. launch technology and data in Australia. It creates the potential for new opportunities for space-related commercial industry.

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