Katsina mosque attack killed three Muslims and abducted others

Katsina mosque attack

Katsina mosque attack killed three Muslims and abducted others

A group of unknown armed men or terrorists killed three Muslims and kidnapped several people during an attack at Katsina mosque. This attack came as part of a violent series launched by gunmen in the last two days in Katsina state, Nigeria.

The most severe event took place in Yargoje village, Kankara Local Government Area when terrorists invaded Katsina mosque. They opened fire on innocent Muslim worshippers during Isha’s prayer last night.

According to Nigerian media reports, the unknown armed men invaded the mosque and shot worshippers. A witness told the media armed men walked in and started shooting fire.

Tragically, two of them died inside the mosque. However, they shot down the third man when he attempted to escape. It was chaotic. The gunmen also kidnapped a male and two women from Katsina.

Moreover, four people were injured due to the Katsina mosque attack. They are being treated at a hospital in Kankara town in Nigeria.

In a second incident, gunmen targeted the residence of Sani Maikifi, a vigilante member from Ungwar Tudun Boka, Kankara, around 2:30 a.m. last night. A vigilante is a person who enforces law and order in a particular area without legal authority.

Katsina mosque attack

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However, Sani Maikifi managed to escape through the backyard, but his family was not so fortunate. They kidnapped his wife and son. According to media sources, the attackers had been tracking Sani for quite some time. They came seeking him, but he managed to escape. Hence, they abducted his family members instead.

In another incident, armed men raided Dangani village in Musawa LGA around 11:30 p.m. Feb 14, 2024. They opened fire and created panic and chaos before abducting an unknown number of civilians from the Dangani village.

One of the Dangani villagers told the media that they heard gunmen were looking for a wealthy Southerner person who had come to see a grieving family member. They abducted several people from the village. The police have yet to publish a statement about these attacks.

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