Iqrar ul Hassan exposed Haq Khatteb, a famous religious personality

Iqrar ul Hassan exposed Haq Khatteb

Iqrar ul Hassan exposed Haq Khatteb, a famous religious personality

Iqrar ul Hassan has exposed Haq Khatteb, who is popular, as Phoolon Wali Sarkar and custodian of Darbar e Alya Balawra Shareef in Kotli Satya, Rawalpindi.

Public attention has recently been drawn to the continuous conflict between Pir Haq Khatteb and Iqrar ul Hassan. The conflict has reached unbeatable heights. Their rivalry was once just a disagreement, but it has recently become a show of legal threats, bold confrontations, and challenges.

Pakistani journalist Iqrar ul Hassan, renowned for his investigative skills, took to the media to reveal the alleged dishonest tactics of Pit Haq Khatteb. Iqrar ul Hassan exposed the alleged magic tricks of Haq Khatteb through several programs. Iqrar requested a face-to-face confrontation with Haq Khatteb through his program “Sar e Aam” episodes.

But things took a bad turn when followers of Pir Haq made threats against Iqrar and his family with legal proceedings brought by Pir Haq Khatteb. However, Iqrar remained unconcern and went with his Sar e Aam team to the refuge of Pir Haq Khatteb “Astana”

Iqrar issued a challenge to show the effectiveness of the supposed magical powers of Pir Haq Khatteb. Meanwhile, the followers of Pir Haq strongly opposed Iqrar and his team members.

Despite this, Iqrar persisted in the face of resistance and verbal abuse from cult followers of Pir Haq. He also gave an ultimatum to Pir Haq. It compelled Pir Haq to come out of hiding and face a confrontation with Iqrar.

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Tensions rose amid chants and passion from die-hearted fans of Pir Haq during the confrontation. It urged local officials to step in and protect Hassan and his team from aggressive followers.

Iqrar stayed strong during the whole confrontation. He would not let the words of Haq Khatteb quiet him or push him to the side. During the confrontation, Pir Haq Khatteb expressed his miraculous power to carve out a pearl from a specific girl’s eye.

However, Iqrar claimed that the girl was involved in the fraudulent practice of Pir Haq. According to Iqrar, that girl used to visit Astana several times.

Despite the spectacle, the supposed magical abilities of Pir Haq Khatteb failed to manifest. It left unresolved concerns and doubts, especially for his followers.

After the failed manifestation of the magical powers of Pir Haq, his followers are disappointed at the large scale and curse their holy figure.

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