India-moved Pakistani woman Seema Haider assault case

India-moved Pakistani woman Seema Haider assault case

India-moved Pakistani woman Seema Haider assault case

An assault video of India-moved Pakistani woman, Seema Haider assault video goes viral sparking rumors of domestic violence by her husband Sachin Meena. Seema is a Pakistani national who traveled across the Indian border to meet and marry her lover, Sachin Meena.

Sachin is a resident of Noida, Uttar Pradesh. However, a recent assault video of India-moved Pakistani woman Seema Haider features her with facial injuries. This video shows a bruised lip and swollen eye of Seema, spreading allegations of domestic abuse by Sachin.

The video was uploaded on Twitter X which gained popularity on social media instantly and has risen to allegations against Sachin of physically abusing Seema.

However, the lawyer of Seema Haider, AP Singh stated the viral video is fake. He claimed in an official statement that Pakistani YouTubers had used artificial intelligence (AI) to change Seema Haider’s video before posting it on social media.

Meanwhile, Noida Police also stated the viral video of Seema is a deep fake and that she was not a victim of physical abuse. They claimed to investigate the video’s source.

Seema also released a statement and clarified that she is safe and her marriage to Sachin is trouble-free. She also criticized Pakistani news outlets and social media influencers for spreading false information during the holy month of Ramadan.

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Seema said everything was fine between her and her husband Sachin. Their whole family remains quite quiet. She is in the Indian subcontinent. She is in Uttar Pradesh and the state’s chief minister Maharaj Yogi Aditya Nathji will never put up with any form of violence against a woman.

Seema was a citizen of Karachi, Pakistan who came in touch with Sachin Meena through the online gaming software PUBG. Hence, their communication led to their love story.

Seema gained fame when she traveled to India with her three children to marry Sachin. The couple now lives in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. However, Seema’s husband from Pakistan, Ghulam Haider sued her and Sachin for cheating in Noida court last month.

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