IDF killed 3 Israeli hostages in error sparks large protest in Tel Aviv

IDF killed 3 Israeli hostages

IDF killed 3 Israeli hostages in error sparks large protest in Tel Aviv

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) killed 3 Israeli hostages in error which sparked a large protest in Tel Aviv late at night on Friday. Protestors are urging the Israeli government to take the lead in securing the release of Hamas hostages.

The protestors blocked the traffic at the Kaplan Junction as they marched toward the Kirya military headquarters of IDF. They demanded a fresh agreement to return the remaining hostages held by a Hamas-led attack in southern Israel on October 7.

Why did the IDF kill 3 Israeli hostages?

This protest came after the Israeli army IDF announced that it mistakenly killed 3 Israeli hostages in Gaza as they misidentified them as a threat. It happened during a fire exchange with Hamas in the Shejaiya district of Gaza.

Eli Albag was also among the protestors who said during media talk it was a tough day. It is hard for them every time that hostages return home in coffins.

Eli Albag is the father of Liri Albag, a surveillance soldier at the Nahal Oz army post. Hamas abducted Liri during its launched attack on Israeli forces on Oct 7. Eli asked the Israeli government to hold negotiations to secure the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces mistakenly kill 3 hostages held by Hamas in Gaza

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Moreover, Eli stated their (Israeli hostages) time is running out. Bring them home right now. He also emphasized that the deaths of the three hostages were a mistake and their hearts are also with the Israeli soldiers. The protestors were heard chanting “There will be no victory until every last hostage has been freed”.

Anger among hostage families has grown in recent days in response to the act of the Israeli government. It is delaying initiating a hostage deal with Hamas. Because it believes that only continued IDF operations in Gaza will bring Hamas to its knees. It will also force Hamas to return to the table with an offer Israel can accept.

The death of three Israeli hostages by IDF identified as Yotam Haim, Samar Fouad Talalka, and Alon Shamriz. The Hostages and Missing Persons Families Forum announced that it would hold a press conference at noon today following the tragic deaths of Israeli hostages.

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