Hezbollah launched drone attack on Israeli Mountain Base

Hezbollah launched drone attack

Hezbollah launched drone attack on Israeli Mountain Base

Lebanese Islamic militant organization Hezbollah launched a drone attack on Israeli Mountain Base on Mount Hermon. Hezbollah announced it conducted its largest air operation using explosive drones against a hilltop Israeli military intelligence base in disputed Golan Heights.

Golan Heights is Israeli-occupied Syrian territory. However, this attack is the most recent instance in a series of increasing cross-border firefights between Israeli forces and Hezbollah.

It is significant to note that Hezbollah is a partner of Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic militant organization. It has exchanged almost daily fire with Israeli forces since the Hamas-Israel war outbreak on October 7 in Gaza.

Regarding the recent attack, Hezbollah said it launched multiple successive series of drones to target an “intelligence base” on Mount Hermon. However, the Israeli military stated an explosive drone fell in an open area in Mount Hermon, but there were no injuries.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the Israeli Defense Forces, LTC Nadav Soshani, stated Hezbollah is up to task if it endangers the lives of both Lebanese and Israeli people.

He also claimed rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) were recently fired from the windows of Lebanese civilian homes, targeting Israeli people.

However, Hezbollah claimed it launched the recent drone attack as part of its response to the death of its key figure in a July 6 strike in east Lebanon. This attack caused massive fire on base while destroying large military equipment.

An Israeli airstrike killed Hezbollah member, Meitham Mustafa Altaar. According to IDF, the deceased participated in planning and conducting several terrorist attacks against Israelis.

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IDF claimed Meitham went to Iran multiple times to gain knowledge. He obtained help there to establish Hezbollah’s force and hub of Iranian weapons. Hence, they consider his death will greatly impact the aerial defense unit of Hezbollah.

After the drone attack of Hezbollah, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant visited the affected site, Mount Hermon. He also passed statements they successfully stopped numerous aerial attacks from Hezbollah when sirens prevailed in Golan Heights.

The fierce aerial and gunfire exchange between Hezbollah and Israeli forces on the border has impacted civilians massively. It also forced thousands of Lebanese people to evacuate. It has raised serious concerns among human organizations.

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