Catastrophic Beryl Hurricane made landfall in Texas

Catastrophic Beryl Hurricane made landfall

Catastrophic Beryl Hurricane made landfall in Texas

Catastrophic Beryl Hurricane storm with Category 1 made landfall in Texas with heavy rains and flood flashes followed by violent winds. It has raised the potential of several tornadoes across the state- that will make the weather worse.

The National Weather Service reported at 8 a.m. about damaging winds, flooding rainfall, and a threatening windy storm to intensify in eastern Texas. It also passed high alert for the Houston and the Galveston area.

Strong winds over 90 miles per hour hit the Texas coast in Freeport and San Bernard this morning. Houston has experienced wind gusts up to 76 miles per hour at Hobby Airport. It also contributed to widespread power outages.

According to US media reports, around 1.5 million homes and businesses suffer from massive power outages. Authorities could not reverse the power outage because fast-rising waters caused street flooding in almost Houston.

High Flood areas with alerts

Today’s catastrophic floods and violent storms have forced rescue personnel to arrive there. Before heading toward Texas, Beryl Hurricane had already made a dangerous path through parts of Mexico and the Caribbean.

It hit around 4 a.m. in the streets of Houston, the fourth-largest city in the country, which was quickly closed off by high water. It came again under flood warnings after recent heavy storms washed out surrounding areas.

Following this, life-threatening storm continues throughout the Texas coast from Mesquite Bay to Sabine Pass, including Matagorda Bay and Galveston Bay.

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Catastrophic Beryl Hurricane made landfall in Mexico after killing 11 people across the Caribbean. It also killed seven people in Jamaica. Thomas M. Gilliland is Harris County Sheriff’s Office’s senior deputy.

According to Thomas, one man in the Houston suburb of Humble also died after a tree fell on his home and made him buried under debris.

Moreover, Police in the Houston suburb of Rosenberg forced residents to leave the area following violent weather conditions. Heavy rainfall from this hurricane will also enter the Midwest, Great Lakes, and East.

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