Chinese company sued Michigan town over controversial project

Chinese company sued Michigan town

Chinese company sued Michigan town over controversial project

Chinese energy company sued a small Michigan town, Green Charter Township, over a controversial project. This comes after the town officials objected to the company’s ambitious project, involving EV (electric vehicle) batteries.

Gotion Inc. filed a breach-of-contract complaint against Green Charter Township in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan. Gotion Inc.’s parent business, Gotion High-Tech is based in Hefei, China.

However, this case is the latest in a long-running fight between Gotion and Green Charter officials. Green Charter officials have blocked the company’s planned project of bringing an electric vehicle battery component manufacturing facility to the area in Michigan town for months.

Green Charter Township, Michigan voted in December 2023 to stop supporting the Gotion High-Tech project after five board members who had backed the project were removed.

The five new board members have also spoken out against Gotion in public. The board has also canceled a decision to bring water to the project site. They don’t consider EV battery projects in the interest of town residents.

Hence, Chinese company Gotion Inc. sued Green Charter in a Michigan town for a development agreement violation between Green Charter and Gotion.

Green Charter Supervisor Jason Kruse stated they are saddened and disappointed by their decision to proceed in this direction. He also said protecting the interests of the residents of Green Charter Township is his top priority as Township Supervisor.

Jason also said they will strictly uphold our township’s position. Despite being a little town, they won’t allow mistreatment to them.

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The lawsuit also claims that Jason and other elected Green Charter officials have motivations by clear anti-Gotion enmity. They have illegally pursued proceedings against the corporation.

Gotion filed a request urging the court to act quickly. It also requested the court to restore permits (suspended by the town) allowing its battery project to proceed.

Chuck Thelen is vice president of Gotion’s North American operations. He stated it’s unfortunate that Gotion has had to resort to legal proceedings to get the Green Charter to follow their obligations under the agreement. Since this is a recently pending legal situation, they could not further comment.

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