Earthquake hit Quetta and several parts of Balochistan

Earthquake hit Quetta

Earthquake hit Quetta and several parts of Balochistan

A 5.4-magnitude moderate earthquake hit several parts of Balochistan province, and the capital city Quetta in the early morning. This earthquake occurred at 5:35 am.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), the epicenter of this earthquake was 150 kilometers Northwest of Quetta with a depth of 35km. The earthquake had a latitude of 29.76N and a longitude of 65.36E.

Meanwhile, another 4.5-magnitude earthquake hit Balochistan with epicenter 120 km southwest of Quetta. This second earthquake occurred at 6:24 a.m.

According to media reports, the earthquake hit Quetta, Noshki, Chagi, Chaman, Qilla Abdullah, Dalbadin, Pishin, and some other regions of Balochistan.

The Pakistan Met Office said earthquake vibrations were also felt and recorded along the Pakistan-Iran border. However, officials did not record any casualties from areas where they found earthquake shocks.

However multiple major earthquakes have previously affected Balochistan resulting in casualties, injuries, and extensive damage to buildings and homes.

An earthquake in the Harnai district of Balochistan killed 40 people and injured more than 300 people in October 2021. It caused severe damage in this underdeveloped area.

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit many parts of Balochistan in September 2013. It killed 348 people and affected more than 3 lakh people in Awaran and Kech districts with 21,000 houses reportedly damaged.

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After two days only, another powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit Awaran District and other areas. It resulted in the deaths of seven people and injured several people.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes are not uncommon in Pakistan as it is located on the boundary of the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates.

Hence, South Asia’s large regions are seismically active as the Indian plate pushes north into the Eurasian plate. Recent earthquakes have highlighted the necessity of catastrophe preparation and preventative measures.

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