Bandits demanded N1 bn for 287 kidnapped Kaduna students

Bandits demanded N1 bn

Bandits demanded N1 bn for 287 kidnapped Kaduna students

The bandits who kidnapped 287 school students from Kaduna State have demanded N1 bn money to release them. Otherwise, they also threatened to kill the victims if the demanded money was not paid within 20 days.

Bandits typically refer to individuals or groups involved in illegal activities, such as robbery, extortion, or violence often in lawless areas.

However, the military committed yesterday to rescue the schoolchildren to their parents unharmed. They considered bandits now adopting mass kidnapping to use their victims as human shields.

Hence, the Nigerian army vowed to conduct clearance operations by its officers and troops to remove bandits from their land.

It came after bandits attacked the LEA Primary and Secondary School on March 7, 2024. They also shot one of the children in Kuriga, Chikun Local Government Area, Kaduna State. Afterward, they fled into the bush with over 200 students including several secondary school students.

Bandits demanded N1 bn just after Nigerian President Bola Tinubu issued an alert against paying money to criminal groups, including bandits.

President Bola has directed the security agencies to ensure bringing back victim children along with other abducted staff in safety as a matter of urgency. He also emphasized making possible recovery of abducted children without paying money to bandits.

The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Alhaji Muhammad Idris quoted these views of President Bola after the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting yesterday.

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According to media sources, the bandit phoned a spokesperson for the families of abducted children. They demanded 1 billion naira ($620,432), in exchange for their release. Otherwise, they threatened to kill the students and staff in 20 days if their demands don’t get fulfilled.

Jubril Aminu, a spokesperson for the victims’ relatives stated the bandits demanded a total of N1 bn in extortion for all school students, children, and staff.

An elected officer, Idris Ibrahim from Kuriga Ward municipal council confirmed the money demand. He also told kidnappers made the demand over Jubril Aminu’s phone number. They called from a secret number, but authorities are trying to obtain the number.

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