Kelly Clarkson sued her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock again

Kelly Clarkson sued her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson sued her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock again

American singer Kelly Clarkson has sued her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock again for the second time for alleged business misconduct. Kelly alleged that Brandon made inappropriate business deals on her behalf.

Kelly filed a cross-complaint against Brandon and his father Narvel Blackstock’s management company, Starstruck Entertainment in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Earlier, Kelly Clarkson sued her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock in November 2023 for business misconduct. She obtained a $2.6 million judgment against Brandon from the California Labor Commission.

The Commission decided Brandon charged her commissions on commercial transactions he was not properly licensed to conduct. Hence, Brandon and Starstruck Entertainment filed an appeal against this ruling. However, Kelly is now trying to uphold this ruling and make it last longer.

After Kelly filed for divorce from Brandon in June 2020, there have been many lawsuits between her, her ex-husband, and her ex-father-in-law’s management company (Starstruck Entertainment). This is because they used to work with Kelly Clarkson.

The court finalized the divorce of Kelly and Brandon in 2022. Starstruck started the legal trouble when it sued Kelly in September 2020. It claimed Kelly had broken a verbal agreement with the management company.

According to Starstruck, Kelly also owed the company more than $1.4 million in supposed commissions owing to Starstruck. However, Kelly fought back in November 2020 at the California Labor Commission regarding this accusation.

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She accused Brandon of breaching the Talent Agencies Act of California which requires talent agents to obtain a license before booking clients arrangements.

Hence, the California Labor Commission ruled Brandon operated as an unauthorized talent agent for Kelly when he helped her land a role as a coach on the television series “The Voice” of NBC. As well as partnerships with Billboard Music Awards and, endorsements from Wayfair and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

The verdict only considered transactions made between October 20, 2019 and the relationship breakup between Brandon and Kelly. Furthermore, the commission ruled Brandon must pay his ex-wife Kelly $2,641,374 for illegal commissions he received.

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