Anti-LGBQT Activists want Natalia Oreiro’s passport revoked

Anti-LGBQT Activists want Natalia Oreiro's passport revoked

Anti-LGBQT Activists want Natalia Oreiro’s passport revoked

Anti-LGBQT Activists want Latin American star Natalia Oreiro’s passport revoked. They accuse Natalia of promoting LGBQT values in violation of the nation’s law.

LGBT is an abbreviation for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender”. LGQBT allows homosexuality, gay marriage, gay adoption, etc.

Russia has passed legislation restricting the promotion of non-heterosexual partnerships, termed “anti-LGBTQ propaganda laws.” These laws restrict public talks and activities considered to promote LGBTQ rights, with legal consequences for violators.

Activists have demanded that Uruguayan actress and singer Natalia Oreiro be deprived of her Russian citizenship. Because she is promoting LGBTQ ideals in violation of Russia’s laws.

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Why does Radetel blame Natalia for promoting LGBQT culture?

Earlier this week, the Novosibirsk-based human rights organization Radetel filed a complaint with the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office and the Interior Ministry on the Latin American TV and movie star’s behavior. In their opinion, the actress promotes LGBQT. Even though, when accepting a Russian passport, she took an oath to respect Russian law.

Radetel stated in its complaint that Natalia attended an LGQBT gathering outside the Argentina parliament in Buenos Aires. Where she “performed topless” on stage in early November.

The activist organization claims that Natalia has been consciously and deliberately promoting non-traditional values for many years. They referred to the actress as one of the main “gay icons” of Latin America.

The accusation also highlighted numerous examples of Natalia promoting the LQBQT agenda. Such as participating in a naked photo shoot in 2022 while wearing just rainbow-colored high boots.

Natalia is famous in Russia for her role in the Argentinian soap opera “Wild Angel” (Muneca Brava) from 1998 to 1999. She obtained a Russian passport in 2021 following in the footsteps of other foreign celebrities such as Steven Seagal and Gerard Depardieu. Now, anti-LGBQT activists want Natalia Oreiro’s passport revoked accusing her of promoting non-traditional values in Russia.

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