Alleged shooter Dut Deng arrested over shooting of Alen Moradian

Alleged shooter Dut Deng arrested

Alleged shooter Dut Deng arrested over shooting of Alen Moradian

New South Wales Police (NSWP) arrested alleged shooter Dut Deng over the fatal shooting of major Sydney gangland figure Alen Moradian. NSWP also charged Dut with murder after allegedly pulling the trigger on Alen Moradian.

Police arrested him on Tuesday in Western Sydney. Police say he fatally shot Mr Alen. Task Force Magnus investigators raided a residence in Fairfield Heights on Tuesday night after months of inquiry.

Dut is accused of killing and shooting Alen Moradian when he was sitting in a car in a Bondi Junction underground parking park on June 27, 2023. Dut was charged with five counts of murder, drug and firearms offenses, and involvement in a criminal organization.

Despite alleged shooter Dut Deng, Police also arrested two more men last week at a residence in Macquarie Park and charged them with being members of a criminal group. During the raids, cops also seized cocaine, a gun, and ammo.

According to Detective Acting Superintendent Virginia Gorman, Dut was the sole shooter. Virginia went on to say that all investigations lead somewhere. And this one has led to someone who remained in the country. It was fortunate for us.

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Alen was a well-known underworld figure with ties to the Comanchero illegal motorcycle club. Previously, he received a sentence of 16 years and nine months in prison. Because he was guilty in 2006 of importing and supplying a commercial amount of cocaine.

Following the June shooting, authorities formed Task Force Magnus to investigate gun-related and violent crimes, including Alen’s murder. Authorities also arrested two additional males in September in connection with a “complex” murder plan.

According to Virginia, Task Force Magnus has made “significant arrests” in the last six months. Furthermore, Gorman said the task team will “continue to target anyone involved in these organized crime murders and related shootings.

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