Shami slams ex-Pakistani cricketers for World Cup controversy

Shami slams ex-Pakistani cricketers for World Cup controversy

Shami slams ex-Pakistani cricketers for World Cup controversy

Indian bowler Mohammad Shami slams ex-Pakistani cricketers for ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 controversy which took place in India.

Shami has criticized former Pakistani cricketers for their controversial theories about Indian pacers using changed cricket balls to create a better impact in the World Cup.

What did Mohammad Shami say about ex-Pakistani cricketers?

Shami giving an interview to Puma said I was not playing but I was listening to all of those conspiracy theories. I took five wickets in my first match, four in my second, and a fifer in my third. Few Pakistani cricketers were unable to digest this reality. He sarcastically said how can I help?

Shami slams ex-Pakistani cricketers for World Cup controversy

Furthermore, he stated that few former Pakistani players believe they are the best in the world and are unable to accept the success of superior players and India. For me, true performers are those cricketers who work hard and contribute to the team when it counts the most.

Former Pakistan cricketer turned broadcaster Hasan Raza stated that the International Cricket Council (ICC) is distributing different balls to Indian bowlers.

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Shami said in response that you are finding conspiracy theories claiming the color of the ball is different because we get it from different companies. The ICC provides us with many balls. He said “Bhai Sudhar jao yaar” which means “Please mend your ways”.

Former Pakistan Cricket team Captain Wasim Akram also criticized Hasan for his comments on this matter. He said I have been reading about it for the past several days. I wish to have the same stuff as these men have. That sounds like a lot of fun. Wasim instructed Hasan to not make fun of Pakistanis in the world and to keep your insulting comments to yourself

Shami further stated that despite Wasim Akram describing how the match ball is chosen. The Pakistani players continued with their conspiracy theories. And they have become a laughingstock.

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