Saudi football body banned Ronaldo for making odd gesture to fans

Saudi football body banned Ronaldo

Saudi football body banned Ronaldo for making odd gesture to fans

Saudi football body Saudi Arabian Football Federation has banned Christiano Ronaldo for making gestures to fans over Messi chants. Ronaldo was playing for Al-Nassr against Al-Shabab in the Saudi Pro League.

The ban came owing to the provocative gesture of Ronaldo to fans after his victory against a rival team. This happened last weekend however, the Saudi Football Federation has announced today to ban Ronaldo.

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation said they have fined Christiano Ronaldo 30,000 riyals ($8,000) for the incident. Moreover, the Saudi football body has banned Ronaldo for one match.

This decision by the football regulatory body of Saudi Arabia came because Ronaldo’s act violated the rules that prohibit inciting the audience during the match. Ronaldo cannot even appeal this ruling of the Saudi Federation.

Ronaldo was leading the Al-Nassr Saudi team as captain. Following his team’s victory by 3-2 over Al-Shabab, a video emerged of Ronaldo making a repeated provocative gesture towards his groin in reaction to audiences taunting him. The crow was teasing him with chanting the slogans of Lionel Messi, his longstanding competition.

The video soon went viral and became the top of Saudi social media trending topics. It urged the Saudi Federation of Football to take action against the football giant Ronaldo.

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According to sports publication Al-Riyadiya, Ronaldo stated he respects all football teams. The gesture signified strength and victory, not offense. He emphasized that it is acceptable in Europe.

However, Christiano Ronaldo is a five-time UEFA (the Union of European Football Associations Champions League) winner. He became the first significant star of the Saudi Kingdom when he signed with Saudi Pro League Al-Nassr in January 2023.

Saudi Pro League teams have gone on an extravagant expenditure to attract big-name players. The great players including French Karim Benzema, Brazilian Neymar, and Senegalese Sadio Mane have also contracted with Saudi Arabia for lucrative contracts.

Saudi Arabia is also preparing to host the 2034 World Cup as part of a larger push into global sport. However, some accuse Saudi Arabia of “sports washing” by using sports to boost its image around the world after being criticized for its human rights violations and poor environmental records.

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