Cristiano Ronaldo beats Messi record for most 21 Century games

Cristiano Ronaldo beats Messi record

Cristiano Ronaldo beats Messi record for most 21 Century games

Football giant Cristiano Ronaldo beats the record of football master Lionel Messi becoming the player of most games in the 21st century. However, this record is not just about the victory of Ronaldo. It is also about Lionel Messi, who came very close to breaking this prestigious mark.

Cristiano Ronaldo beats another record of Messi with having a three rank ahead, making it official that he is the player who has played the most games in the 21st century.

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) just released the list of players who have played the most games in the 21st century. Ronaldo comes in first place with an amazing 1204 official football match.

He has played for a few famous teams, including Sporting CP, Manchester United, and Real Madrid. As well as Juventus, Al-Nassr, and the Portugal National Team. His strong determination at the age of 38 is unusual. He has played an incredible average of 52 games in a row every year for 22 years.

On the other hand, Lionel Messi has always been the rival of Ronaldo for the top spot. He came in fourth place on the IFFHS list with 1,047 games. He has played for Barcelona, PSG, Inter Miami, and the Argentine National Team.

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Brazilian goalie Fabio and former Barcelona footballer Dani Alves hold the first three spots on the list. Notably, only four players have played more than 1000 games. According to the IFFHS list, twenty-one players with 17 live players have played over 900 games.

RankFootball PlayerPlayed matches
1stCristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)1204
2ndFábio (Brazil)1156
3rdDani Alves (Brazil)1056
4thLionel Messi (Argentina)1047
5thLuka Modrić (Croatia)1010
6thJoão Moutinho (Portugal)997
7thIker Casillas (Spain)974
8thSergio Ramos (Spain)962
9thZlatan Ibrahimović (Sweden)953
10thAndrés Iniesta (Spain)949

However, Ronaldo has played in more games than anyone else in the 21st century. But he is still a long way from the record of 1,225 games. Although, he is almost at the historic point with only 21 games left in the season.

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