India fired back at Pakistan for Kashmir issue remarks at UNHRC

India fired back at Pakistan for Kashmir issue

India fired back at Pakistan for Kashmir issue remarks at UNHRC

India fired back at Pakistan after it brought up the issue of Jammu and Kashmir during a UNHRC (UN Human Rights Council) session. Pakistan discussed the matter of human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir.

India criticized Pakistan for bringing up Kashmir at the UNHRC meeting and claimed that a country with a bad human rights record can’t interfere in other countries’ private matters.

India’s first secretary, Anupama Singh, stated Kashmir and Ladakh were crucial parts of India. She also condemned Pakistan mentioning its claims as false allegations leveled against India.

The Indian delegate spoke after Pakistan accused India of human rights violations in Kashmir at the 55th regular session of UNHRC. Afterward, India fired back at Pakistan for discussing the Kashmir Issue.

Anupama said in a statement they note that it is deeply unfortunate for the Council’s platform to have once again been misused to make blatant false accusations against India. She emphasized that the stance of Pakistan is futile.

Furthermore, Anupama highlighted the human rights record of Pakistan is extremely terrible. She said the Christian community was persecuted in Jaranwala city of Pakistan in August 2023. She also cited the destruction of nineteen churches and 89 Christian homes in Pakistan.

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Anupama in defense of India stated a country that has established the systematic mistreatment of its own minorities. Pakistan has a terrible human rights record and comments on India. She mentioned India is demonstrably making significant achievements in economy and social justice.

Ms. Anupama described Pakistan’s remarks on Kashmir as not merely ironical but absurd. She also pointed to alleged Pakistan’s assistance for UN-sanctioned terrorists. She further accused the Pakistani government of promoting terrorism worldwide.

Moreover, she argued India cannot pay any more attention to a country soaked in the red of bloodshed from terrorism. She also attributed Pakistan as a debt-ridden nation and the shame its people feel for their government’s failure to serve their interests.

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