Salman Butt Appointed as consultant Member to chief selector

Salman Butt Appointed as consultant Member to chief selector

Salman Butt Appointed as consultant Member to chief selector

Tainted former cricketer Salman Butt appointed as consultant member to chief selector by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) sparks social media controversy. PCB has appointed former cricketers Kamran Akmal and Rao Iftikhar Anjum along with Salman as consultant members to chief selector Wahab Riaz.

PCB officially announced its selection of three former cricketers including Salman Butt in a very surprising move. This decision comes as a shock to cricket fans because Salman Butt is not a clean name as he was convicted and banned for spot-fixing in 2010.

Now Salman as a member of the men’s national selection committee has sparked outrage among cricket fans. Cricket enthusiasts think that the return of Salman will take back national cricket to the days when match-fixing was common.

What are critics saying about the appointment of Salman?

One cricket fan tweeted Salman Butt serving as chief selector’s consultant! Truly, the man who cost us the entire cricket decade! Sincerely, I have no doubts about his analytical skills or abilities, but it is intolerable that he deceived the entire country!

Another cricket fan mentioned Pakistan Cricket Team Director Muhammad Haffez saying you are a trustworthy individual who has consistently discussed merit and fair play. Salman Butt and Kamran Akmal being chosen as consultants to the Chief Selector is a very regrettable development. Given their history, Akmal is a suspect and Butt is an authorized fixer.

Salman Butt’s appointment as chief selector sparks controversy

Another one wrote Salman Butt, the brains behind the Fixing Scandal of 2010, has been appointed chief selector’s consultant. How can PCB choose someone who has destroyed young Amir’s career and sold his nation for DOLLARS?

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Besides cricket fans, former Pakistani cricketers including Rameez Raja, Sarfraz Nawaz, and Muhammad Tanveer also criticized the decision of PCB to appoint Salman Butt as chief selector consultant.

Many social media users voiced their shock and dissatisfaction with the PCB decision. They are bringing up previous accusations and scandals involving other players, like Wahab Riaz and Kamran Akmal. They are raising additional questions about the fairness of the selection procedure and the participants.

There is increasing pressure on the PCB to address the concerns expressed by the public and former cricket players. PCB’s decision has drawn widespread harsh criticism from social media and International media.

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