Jos Verstappen appeal of Christian dismissal puts his son at risk

Jos Verstappen appeal of Christian Horner dismissal

Jos Verstappen appeal of Christian dismissal puts his son at risk

The dismissal appeal of the Red Bull racing principal Christian Horner competition by retired racing driver Jos Verstappen put the future of his son Max Verstappen at risk.

It all started with a female employee making misbehavior charges against Christian Horner which he rejected. In addition, an independent investigation has also been dismissed. It has revealed splits inside the most powerful squad of sports.

Following the allegations, Jos Verstappen made a dismissal appeal of Christian Horner. He claimed that Red Bull would explode if Christian Horner stayed. Jos expressed it while giving an interview to the Daily Mail.

Jos said there is tension as he maintains his position. The team is at risk of breaking apart. It cannot continue the way it is. It will explode. Christian is playing the victim when he is the one causing the problems.

The statement of Jos to the Daily Telegraph followed a widely reported dispute between Jos and Christian immediately and quickly spread throughout the world. However, Max Verstappen did not inform of his father’s comments regarding his outburst on Christian.

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However, this confrontation occurred a day after an email containing alleged evidence was submitted to the Christian misconduct investigation. Someone anonymously shared this email with Journalists and prominent figures in the sport.

Jos Verstappen was also on the list of recipients but denied his responsibility for his intentional involvement in a malicious campaign against Christian Horner. Speculations are going on in the sports arena on how Max Verstappen will respond to this controversy and how the bold stance of Jos will affect his position in Red Bull.

On the other hand, Christian declined to comment on the motivations behind the email. Christian is the longest-serving team leader in sports. He brought Red Bull into Formula One in 2005. He lives like a celebrity and has a lead part in the Netflix documentary series “Drive to Survive.”

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