F1 driver Lewis Hamilton disqualified from U.S Grand Prix

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton disqualified from U.S Grand Prix

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton disqualified from U.S Grand Prix

Formula One F1 driver Lewis Hamilton was disqualified from the U.S Grand Prix 2023. Charles Leclerc also faced disqualification along with Lewis. Both of them were under investigation for breach of regulations controlling the floor of their cars.

Lewis and Charles were disqualified from Sunday’s United States Grand Prix after breaching the rules controlling the floor of their cars in a shocking end to the race weekend.

Max Verstappen won the 56-lap race finished by Lewis being second and Charle being sixth after investigation of stewards. They inspected plank wear.

Investigation of FIA Technical Team

Technical delegate of FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) stated that a physical floor and a plank wear inspection was carried out on car numbers 16 of Charles and 44 of Lewis. They detected skids found in this area not in compliance with Article 3.5.9e of Formula One Technical Regulations 2023. The team said it is referring this matter to the stewards for their consideration.

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Authorities summoned representatives from both Mercedes and Ferrari to see both stewards including Charles and Lewis. Just after 7 p.m. local time and over three hours after the race, authorities confirmed their disqualification in Austin.

As a result, Lewis lost eighteen points earned from his second-place finish while Charles lost eight points. They both have the right to an appeal. But Mercedes will not appeal the verdict of FIA.

Lewis said in a Mercedes press release that he is disappointed over the penalty after finishing second in the US Grand Prix. While team boss Toto Wolff didn’t express the same views and admitted that they got it wrong.

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton disqualified from U.S Grand Prix

The FIA team also inspected the cars of other drivers Verstappen and Lando Norris. FIA revealed they did not get anything wrong with the plank inspection and they passed the checks. After getting clearance from FIA, they moved from third to second finish in the U.S Grand Prix 2023.

The report of final stewards stated the measurement performed by the FIA Technical Team was correct. It stated the high wear on the skid’s pad was probably a result of a unique combination of bumpy tracks. And the schedule of the Sprint race minimized the time to set up and check before the race.

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