Angelo Mathews timed out a wicket in a match against Bangladesh

Angelo Mathews timed out a wicket in a match with Bangladesh

Angelo Mathews timed out a wicket in a match against Bangladesh

Srilankan batsman Angelo Mathews becomes the first player ever to be given a timed-out wicket in today’s match with Bangladesh.

The incident took place when Angelo asked for a helmet change after walking onto the pitch. Subsequently, he was not ready to face his first ball within two minutes which International Cricket Council conditions allow. Timed out is a rule where the incoming batsman has a limited time generally around 3 minutes to be ready to face the next delivery after the wicket falls.

Full video of Angelo Mathews struggling with “Timed Out

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How did Angelo Mathews “Timed out” ?

During his final preparations Angelo before striking Shakib Al Hasan, his helmet broke just as he was tightening it around his chin. It had been more than 2 minutes after the dismissal of the last hitter, Sadeera Samarawickrama.

Afterward, Angelo quickly requested a replacement helmet which Srilankan player Chamika Karunaratne delivered to him. But later on, Shakib had a conversation with umpire Marais about the “Timed Out” rule and asked him to review this matter. Umpire Marais after the plea by Shakib told Angelo that is he out due to the “Timed Out” rule.

When Marais informed Angelo that he had been timed out, he was still in the process of putting on a new helmet, and Chamika was lingering near the ground. At this point, more than three minutes and twenty seconds had passed since Chamika’s departure.

Angelo Mathews timed out a wicket in a match against Bangladesh

Mathew appeared to assume the umpire was joking at first, but soon wore a troubled expression and began a lengthy debate with both umpire Marais and square-leg umpire Richard Illingworth.

Umpire Marais approached Shakib for a brief conversation, and Angelo also spoke with Shakib. Shakib ul Hassan who was able to withdraw from the plea, even after Angelo requests uphold his decision. Despite Angelo’s emotional response, the decision to timed out Angelo was upheld. He expressed his frustration by gesturing at his broken helmet strap.

By the time Bangladesh had broken their huddle and taken their positions in the field. Angelo was already given out, and Shakib was at the top of his mark, ready to bowl.

Cricket Fans all around the world are angry at such a plea from Shakib ul Hassan and showing their hatred towards the Bangladeshi Team.

What are your views on Shakib’s plea to “Time Out” Angelo Mathews?

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