Pyramid-shaped mountain in Antarctica shows Illuminati theories

Pyramid-shaped mountain in Antarctica

Pyramid-shaped mountain in Antarctica shows Illuminati theories

The continent of Antarctica popular for several wonders has caused heated debate over its mysterious pyramid-shaped mountain. A strange triangular structure showed up in satellite pictures of Antarctica in 2016, which led to several rumors about its origin.

This structure is in the Ellsworth Mountain range in the southern part of Antarctica which showed huge mass in the shape of a pyramid.

The satellite pictures showed several odd-looking peaks in the area. One of these peaks resembled the Great Pyramid of Giza which covered two kilometers in each direction of its square base.

People became curious about satellite pictures of this pyramid. They started assuming how the mountain-shaped pyramid transferred from Egypt to Antarctica.

Many people speculate that the secret group “the Illuminati” or artificial life built this strange pyramid structure in Antarctica. The Illuminati is a name that refers to various secret societies but is commonly associated with a group founded in Bavaria in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt.

The Illuminati group refers to a symbol of hidden power and influence rather than a real organization with a specific agenda. Different myths have emerged regarding this group that controls world events, matters, and governments from behind the scenes. However, there is little credible evidence available to support these claims.

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However, artificial life refers to a composite field. It combines biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, and engineering principles to create artificial systems. The artificial system shows properties typically associated with living organisms.

However, Scientists have another explanation for this pyramid’s existence. They call this pyramid a “pyramidal peaked mountain” formed due to glacial activity in the region.

According to Geologists, this pyramid is located in the Ellsworth Mountains, a mountain range more than 400 km long. So, the rocky mountain’s peaks stick out of the ice; giving it shape like a pyramid. Hence, it is a very common geological phenomenon.

Dr. Mitch Darcy is a Geologist at the German Research Center for Geosciences in Potsdam, Germany. According to him, this mountain structure is just a coincidence, it has the same shape as the pyramid.

Dr. Mitch said this structure is a nunatak (rock peak) that extends above a glacier or ice sheet. Just because this one is shaped like a pyramid does not mean people built it.

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