Woman found dead in Bahawalpur after policeman torture in train

Woman found dead in Bahawalpur

Woman found dead in Bahawalpur after policeman torture in train

A woman named Maryam Bibi was found dead in Bahawalpur after policeman Mir Hasan tortured and beat her on the train. Authorities found Maryam’s dead body near Chani Goth Railway Station in Bahawalpur.

Policeman Mir Hasan tortured and beat Maryam Bibi on a moving train. He appeared to strike the woman while gripping her hair in a video. The torture video went viral on social media, capturing the assault as other passengers looked on silently.

Abdullah Sheikh is the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) for Railways. According to Abdullah, the event happened on April 7 on the Millat Express. It was traveling from Karachi to Lala Musa.

The victim woman Maryam Bibi who was found dead in Bahawalpur was a resident of Jaranwala, Faisalabad. According to Afzal, the brother of the victim, his sister was visiting Jaranwala for Eid-ul-Fitr. She had previously worked at a beauty parlor in Karachi.

Afzal revealed Maryam departed Karachi by Millat Express on April 7. He said that Bahawalpur police informed Maryam’s family about her death. They told them Maryam had fallen from a train.

Afzal stated they buried her in the village on April 9 believing it to be a rail accident. However, the truth about the incident and the violence against his sister came to light when the torture video went viral.

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He also claimed that the policeman had killed and tortured his sister, then thrown her body along a railroad track. They also asked the police to file a complaint. However, they did not receive a response.

Meanwhile, the nephew of the victim woman was also traveling with him. The nephew said that his aunt was reciting aloud when the policeman objected and began abusing her. Afterward, the accused policeman took their aunt with him and dropped them at the next station.

According to police, medical doctors performed Maryam Bibi’s autopsy at Tehsil Headquarters Hospital in Ahmedpur. They stated they are awaiting the results.

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