Pashto is fourth spoken language in space

Pashto is fourth spoken language in space

Pashto is fourth spoken language in space

Do you know Pashto, is the fourth spoken language in space when only Afghan national Abdul Ahad Momand reached space? In the world, 7139 languages exist but only six languages have been spoken so far in space.

The first ever spoken language in space was Russian when Yuri Gagarin traveled into space on April 12, 1961. He called mission control while orbiting the Earth and spoke his native language.

However, English became the second spoken language in space with the successful landing of the first American Alan Shepard on May 5, 1961. After two years, French became the third spoken language in space.

Pashto became the fourth spoken language when Abdul Ahad Momand spoke in space by calling his mother in 1988. Abdul Ahad is an Afghan-German and former Afghan Air Force aviator.

Abdul joined the Soyuz TM-6 crew and spent nine days aboard the Mir space station as an Intercosmos research cosmonaut in 1988. He holds numerous records as an Afghan astronaut.

During this voyage, Abdul Ahad became the first cosmonaut to speak Pashton after making a phone call to Afghanistan. This way, he made Pashto the fourth official spoken language in space.

Abdul Ahad became the fourth Muslim to travel to space following Sultan bin Salman Al Saud, Muhammed Faris, and Musa Manarov.

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Only six languages have spoken in space, including Russian, English, French, Pashto, Chinese, and Japanese. However, astronauts primarily communicate in English and Russian in space as the two main languages used aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

However, astronauts from other countries also speak their native languages. The Global Space Agency encourages basic proficiency in multiple languages for international cooperation.

Since the first space flight of the Soviet Union (Russia), 47 countries have traveled to space until now. Canada, Italy, Germany, India, and Spain have also conquered the space.

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