Varda Space Capsule returns with antiviral drugs grown on space

Varda Space Capsule returns with antiviral drugs

Varda Space Capsule returns with antiviral drugs grown on space

California-based spacecraft Varda Space Capsule from the W-1 capsule mission returns to Earth with antiviral drugs grown in space. Varda Space Capsule is an orbital platform built by California-based Varda Space Industries.

The Varda Space Capsule landed in the Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR). The more intriguing part was its payload, which included antiviral drugs. These drugs developed in the microgravity space environment of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) in space.

Varda Space Capsule returns with antiviral drugs

Former SpaceX personnel and Silicon Valley ventures founded Varda in 2020. It is part of an expanding space sector (also known as NewSpace). The purpose of the company is to create drugs and medications in space. And then return them to Earth using their unique recovery capsules.

The space dynamics are eventually changing as many businesses enhance space exploration activities, including biomedical and advanced materials research and manufacturing. Varda Space Capsule returns with antiviral drugs to Earth following the newly launched space exploration trend.

According to Varda company, the lack of gravitational forces in space offers the potential to manufacture high-quality pharmaceuticals and drugs compared to those grown on Earth. The drugs grown in space allow more precise crystalline structures. It resulted in longer life spans and increased effectiveness.

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Varda company will transfer the W-1 capsule to their Los Angeles center for post-mission investigation. However, they will transport medicine to their commercial partner.

Varda launched the W-1 capsule in June 2023 on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. This mission was part of the company’s eight dedicated rideshare missions (Transporter-8). It merged with a Rocket Lab Photon spacecraft (the Electron rocket’s upper stage) for eight months to grow antiviral drugs in space.

Meanwhile, Rocket Lab Photon provided the capsule with power and navigation. Varda company is also preparing for its second launch. Hence, it will take place this summer and will use a Photon spacecraft.

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