Apple to introduce new hearing mode for AirPods Pro

Apple to introduce new hearing mode for AirPods

Apple to introduce new hearing mode for AirPods Pro

The latest iOS update of Apple, iOS18 is about to introduce a new “hearing aid mode” for AirPods Pro. According to new media reports, Apple has major plans for iOS 18 by introducing a new hearing mode for AirPods Pro.

Bloomberg Correspondent, Mark Gurman says in the latest edition of his Power On newsletter that AirPods Pro will not see any hardware upgrades in 2024. Instead, he claims the big news will be a major new hearing mode alongside iOS 18.

However, more information on this new iOS 18 capability for AirPods Pro is unclear. Mark has previously reported on a plan by Apple to introduce a new hearing mode for AirPods.

This new Hearing Aid Mode appears to go much further. However, tipster Mark has not provided much details on it. But, it is an exciting breakthrough for everyone who could experience better hearing.

Hearing aid mode is a feature found in some electronic devices like smartphones. It optimizes sound settings for individuals with hearing aids. It typically reduces background noise and adjusts frequencies to improve speech clarity for better communication.

Apple to introduce new hearing mode for AirPods

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AirPods already include a feature, Live Listen, which came as part of iOS 12 in 2018. This feature effectively converts an iPhone into a directional microphone. It sends sounds captured by the iPhone to AirPods in real time.

A few testimonies over the years show how valuable this tool can be. In 2021, Apple added a Conversation Boost feature to AirPods that improves mic pickup from right in front of you. It allows you to hear someone speaking to you more clearly.

However, hearing aids are expensive although they are essentially simple technology. This is because the tech industry could not include hearing aid mode as it was considered medical equipment and subject to FDA regulation in the United States.

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