NASA released the picture of Harvest Moon

NASA released the picture of Harvest Moon

NASA released the picture of Harvest Moon

In the Instagram post NASA released picture of Harvest Moon which reached its peak of fullness on 29th September 2023. The name of this full moon is “Harvest Moon” due to it’s proximity to September’s equinox.

The Harvest Moon usually occurs when the crops in the Northern Hemisphere are at their peak. This gives more time for the farmers to bring their crops before the first frost.

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The image of the Harvest Moon captured by NASA is split into two parts. The top part of the picture shows black space and a full harvest golden white moon. While the bottom shows blue and white clouds separated by the atmosphere in shades of blue.

The picture of the Harvest Moon was captured abroad at the International Space Station 433km over the Indian Ocean. The speed of the ISS is 28,000KM per hour and it orbits Earth once every 90 minutes. This way the crew on the ISS could provide us with new pictures, new explorations, and many amazing things about the space.

The astronauts in space give us an understanding of the lives of humans in space, to prepare for the future, and to provide opportunities to look beyond the moon, galaxies, stars, or nearby asteroids.

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