Is Asteroid Bennu a threat to Earth?

Is Asteroid Bennu a threat to Earth?

Is Asteroid Bennu a threat to Earth?

Many people around the world have a question in their mind Is Asteroid Bennu a threat to Earth? NASA recently released a picture where they showed collecting Asteroid Bennu samples from the United States.

On 11 November 1999, NASA discovered an asteroid that revolves around the Sun and they named it “Bennu”. Asteroid Bennu completes its one rotation around the sun in 435 orbital days. NASA and scientists have discovered that Asteroid Bennu is a threat to Earth as every six years it moves near to Earth. This asteroid is coming very close to the Earth every year. There is a prediction that Asteroid Bennu will hit the Earth in the future. There are chances of asteroid Bennu hitting the Earth on September 24, 2182. If Asteroid Bennu hits the Earth it could put a big hole in the Earth’s Surface and the shock waves could destroy a lot of buildings and other areas nearby.

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Can Asteroid Bennu destroy the Earth?

There are speculations that Asteroid Bennu could destroy the Earth and extinct humans. Well, this is not true, as the diameter of Asteroid Bennu is very small compared to the asteroid that killed Dinosaurs. The diameter of Asteroid Bennu is 492 meters while the diameter of that asteroid the Chicxulub impactor was 10km.

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NASA’s efforts to stop Asteroid Bennu

NASA is being trying to change the direction of Asteroid Bennu. For the cause of change in the direction of Asteroid Bennu. NASA did a mission on 26th November 2022 with the name “The Dart Mission” to test the change of direction of an asteroid which was successful.

But to destroy the Asteroid Bennu, NASA needs to know the structure and elements of Asteroid Bennu. Because if NASA tries to stop Asteroid Bennu without details it could scatter and the pieces could come to Earth and cause destruction.

NASA recently updated on it’s Instagram about collecting Asteroid Bennu Samples. Read the full details on how NASA collected the samples of Asteroid Bennu

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