State of Emergency declared in New York over Flood

State of Emergency declared in New York over Flood

State of Emergency declared in New York over Flood

The Governor of New York Kathy Hochul declared a State of Emergency in New York over Flood. The heavy storm caused flash flooding and a big disruption to the normal routine of New York people. Many city subway systems, highways, roads, and streets are in a state of extreme flood.

“This is a dangerous and life-threatening storm in New York City”, Governor Kathy Hochul said.

The governor of New York City Kathy Hochul advised people not to travel or go outside in this massive storm. She advised people to restrain going outside unnecessarily in this extreme weather. She declared a state of emergency in New York City and posted on Twitter stating “I am declaring a State of Emergency across New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley due to the extreme rainfall we’re seeing throughout the region”

The Guardian’s full report on New York declares state of emergency amid heavy rainfall and flash flooding

The New York City official warned people to stay cautious in this extreme weather. Many people abandoned their cars to take shelter due to the extreme conditions in the city. The rain in New York City has fallen one to five inches across New York City, NWS reported.

Heavy Rainfall in New York City – TabloidPK

There are speculations that some areas could see 7 to 9 inches with the rain lasting until Saturday morning, CNBC reported.

The parts of southern Brooklyn have already gone through a massive 7 inches of rain Additionally, the underground subway systems and trains are temporarily suspended.

John F. Kennedy Airport, located in Queens, experienced significant congestion at two of its terminals due to heavy rainfall. The airport received a total of at least 3 inches of rain since 12 PM ET on Friday.

After a State of Emergency was declared in New York over Flood, many schools and underground apartments were evacuated. New York City’s September rainfall of nearly 14 inches is the highest since 1882, per the National Weather Service.

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