Delhi Surgeon used Apple Vision Pro for bariatric surgery

Delhi Surgeon used Apple Vision Pro

Delhi Surgeon used Apple Vision Pro for bariatric surgery

A surgeon named Dr. Mohit Bhandari of Pristyn Care in New Delhi used Apple Vision Pro technology for bariatric surgery. It is a significant step forward for medical technology with Vision Pro headset, which has gained people’s attention.

Bariatric surgery refers to a surgical process that helps people with obesity lose weight. It changes the person’s digestive system to reduce the amount of food a person consumes through surgery.

The Apple Vision Pro headset is a high-tech device that combines virtual reality with augmented reality. Augmented reality is a technology that adds digital elements like images or other information to your view of the real world through special glasses or smartphones. 

 The first live bariatric surgery using Apple Vision Pro reportedly happened at Pristyn Care with the collaboration of Mohak Bariatrics and Robotics, a bariatric surgery-based center in Indore, India.

The 155-kilogram patient underwent a sleeve gastric bypass and a Single Anastomosis Duodenal-Ileal (SADI) operation under the direction of Dr. Mohit. SADI operation decreases the stomach size of a person to under 30% of its original size.

The patient needed precise care because he had excessive blood pressure and sleep apnea syndrome. Sleep apnea is a serious problem that causes breathing to stop and restart many times while sleeping.

The Apple Vision Pro created an incredible 3D environment for the 40-minute surgery for surgeons wearing Vision Pro headset. It also allowed the surgical team to focus on minute details of a complicated patient’s body system with extraordinary clarity. 

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This advanced visualization technology made it easier to perform more precise surgery. Hence, it should lead to better results for patients undergoing complicated procedures. 

Co-founder of Pristyn Care, Vaibhav Kapoor, stated this technical development is transforming surgical procedures. Vaibhav also praised the Vision Pro headset’s successful integration into bariatric surgery. He also predicted it would raise standards in the medical field.  

Hence, Delhi Surgeon Dr. Mohit successfully used the Apple Vision Pro headset to conduct bariatric surgery with the collaboration of other surgeons. 

Dr. Mohit also emphasized the revolutionary influence of Apple Vision Pro headset technology for surgical accuracy and successful patient outcomes. He said surgeons can access previously inaccessible levels of efficiency and precision by using mixed-reality technology. 

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