Apple item tracker AirTag 2 expected to release in 2025

Apple item tracker AirTag 2 release

Apple item tracker AirTag 2 expected to release in 2025

The Apple second generation item tracker, AirTag 2, is expected to be released in 2025 after its AirTag 1 launch in 2021. Hence, three years have passed since Apple unveiled AirTag, and their item tracker worked well with their other products.

Regarding their much-awaited next-generation tracker AirTag2, there are speculations about its release in 2025. A story by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has published this news. It stated a new version of AirTag 2 will arrive in the market around the middle of next year.

Apple will reportedly release AirTag 2 at the same time as the first one in April 2021. Moreover, Mark Gurman revealed that Apple has been testing production processes with Asian partners in preparation for the product’s (codenamed B589) 2025 release. 

Gurman also claimed they should expect a better chip for Apple item tracker AirTag 2 with improved location tracking. AirTag 2 may have the same second-generation Ultra-Wideband chip (UWB) as the Ultra 2, Apple Watch Series 9, and iPhone 15 models. 

The second generation Apple’s UWB chip can operate over longer distances of up to 60 meters. It is a major significant development of AirTag 2 than its previous generation. AirTag 1 can only operate over a few meters (about 10 meters). 

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Apple also enables a new function called Precision finding in AirTag 2, which allows users to find their friends. Apple may also release variants of AirTag in various formats. 

Ming-Chi Ko is a tech analyst. According to Ming-Chi, the AirTag 2 would connect with Vision Pro as part of a spatial communication system. However, he did not clarify further what he meant by saying this. 

There is a chance that the AirTags UWB chips may send location data to the Vision Pro. Or there may be a way to track Virtual Reality items.

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