American mountaineer found mummified in Peru after 22 years

American mountaineer found mummified

American mountaineer found mummified in Peru after 22 years

Peruvian authorities found an American mountaineer named William Stamfl mummified in Peru after going missing for 22 years. William disappeared while climbing a snow-capped peak in Peru at fifty-nine age in June 2002.

He disappeared when an avalanche claimed the lives of his whole climbing party on the 22,000-foot-high Huascaran mountain in Yungay Province, Peru.

However, cold preserved not only the body of William but also conserved his clothing, climbing equipment, and passport. It helped Peruvian police to identify his remains even after more than 20 years had passed.

Image of Peruvian authorities while rescuing remains of mummified mountaineer William

According to Peruvian police, they found mummified American mountaineer William when the ice on the Cordillera Blancra range of the Andes melted.

The Cordillera Blancra is the largest tropical ice-covered mountain range in the world. It contains the greatest concentration of ice in Peru.

It is significant to note that Peru has lost over half of its glacier surface in the previous 60 years due to rising climate change. As a result, Peru has lost 175 massive glaciers.

However, incidents of dead bodies found have become common in Peruvian snowy mountains within the rapid melting of ice sheets.

Apart from long ago disappeared American mountaineer William, Peruvian authorities found the dead body of an Israeli mountaineer after going missing for more than a month in May 2024.

Weeks of search end in tragedy after missing Israeli mountaineer found dead in Peru

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Israeli mountaineer was 26-year-old Oren Zamir, whom agents of the Alta Montaña Áncash Department identified. He went missing from the Huayhuash snow-capped corridor.

He went missing on April 15 while walking through a mountain formation near the snowy Rasac. However, members of the National Police of Peru found his dead body after more than one month.

After Oren, an Italian climber, was found dead in June 2024 while trying to climb another Andean mountain. The deceased climber was 35-year-old Tomas Franchini.

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