RIP Cartoon Network trending among claims of closing channel

RIP Cartoon Network

RIP Cartoon Network trending among claims of closing channel

Netizens on Twitter X have become surprised after an unexpected rise in the”RIP Cartoon Network” trend in several countries. This trend is gaining hype on X following speculations that the channel may shut down.

This speculation started after an X account, “Animation Workers Ignited,” released a video. It captioned “Cartoon Network is dead?” It also encouraged X users to spread this news because animation is at stake.

This account handler also suggested users post their favorite shows on Cartoon Network with the hashtag “RIP Cartoon Network.” The posted video also mentioned that many workers in the animation industry are losing jobs. It raised further concern for netizens.

The viral video explains how Cartoon Network is almost gone, and other companies are following it. It also talks about the animation industry stating that massive workers would lose their jobs. Many of them had been unemployed for more than a year.

The video mentioned when COVID-19 first hit, animation could work from anyone inside the company. It was one of the few forms of entertainment when there were no studios around. It could keep making movies.

There are rumors ongoing about Cartoon Network being closed

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However, studios chose to repay them by canceling projects, sending jobs overseas, and firing a lot of artists. Big studios make their finances look better by cutting costs and staff.

Moreover, CEOs and executives who run the companies get rich from there. They want to reap from reducing the costs of staff members. Hence, he (the account handler) will make them pay.

It suggested using the hashtag RIP Cartoon Network to talk about your favorite Cartoon Network shows you were still on. It emphasized there is a war on animation. Which side are you on? Since then, this hashtag has gained momentum and trending in countries including the United States and India.

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