Software Engineer killed company CEO over unpaid salary

Software Engineer killed company CEO over unpaid salary

A software engineer named Shabbir killed the CEO of a software company at his office in the Kausar Crown Plaza building on Shahrahe-e-Faisal, Karachi. Naveed was the name of the murdered CEO.

According to police, this sad incident happened because of a disagreement about salary payments. Shabbir was a former employee of this company.

Initial police investigations revealed that Shabbir demanded his overdue salary from the company’s headquarters. After an argument with office administration, he went into the CEO’s office Naveed last evening. He used a sharp weapon to stab the CEO.

Software Engineer killed company CEO
Shabbir killed CEO Naveed for not paying him a salary

Following this, Naveed was rushed to hospital but he could not survive his critical injuries and died. According to Naveed’s brother, the police have taken the murder weapon and suspect Shabbir into custody.

Software Engineer Shabbir did not run after he killed EuroSoft company CEO Naveed. He remained at the crime scene carrying a murder weapon. Hence, the police easily took him into custody.

Naveed was CEO of a foreign software company, EuroSoft based in Pakistan. His brother revealed that the company’s other staff members had not received their salaries.

The victim Naveed was also a software engineer. He left behind three children and was the third of six brothers. However, police have begun an investigation to find more details of this matter.

Naveed died in a nearby hospital due to fatal injuries

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In a separate incident, a brother killed his 20-year-old younger sister named Sawera during a family dispute in Gulshan-i-Ghazi. The suspect brother murdered Sawera inside their home in Block C.

According to the early police investigation, the real motive of the suspect behind the murder is unknown. The father of Sawera, Muhammad Nazeer told police he was at work when he received news of her daughter’s murder.

He revealed to police his accused son had just returned home from his native place three days ago. However, Sawera was married and the mother of a newborn child.

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