Waseem Badami’s X account hacking unveils his second marriage

Waseem Badami's X account hacking unveils his second marriage

Waseem Badami’s X account hacking unveils his second marriage

A prominent Pakistani journalist Waseem Badami’s X account hacking unveils the shocking allegations of his second marriage. His account fell victim to hacking yesterday when all the controversy started.

While Waseem has not issued a statement, his fellow journalist Iqrar ul Hassan addressed this matter. After the hacker made some alarming allegations against Waseem, Iqrar verified the news of account hacking.

Iqrar has requested his followers to ignore any posts published by Waseem’s account until the account has been restored following the hacking attempt.

The hacker stated in one of the posts that he would reveal a shocking revelation about the TV show afterward in the day. Later, the hacker posted another tweet with a picture of Iqra Nasir, a local journalist who is said to be Waseems’ second wife.

Waseem Badami’s X account hacking unveils his second marriage

The hacker made the claim that the alleged second wife of Waseem Badami is pregnant. He tweeted “My second child. Congratulations”


Waseem’s hacking account calls social media storm

Despite the obvious indicators of hacking, the tweets continued to puzzle and amuse the followers of Waseem. One netizen wrote a few days before Waseem Badami leaked the private chat of Pakistani Cricketer Babar Azam and now everyone witnessing what is happening to him.

Another one wrote during this difficult time, my sympathies are with Waseem Badami. I hope his account is restored shortly. However, broadcasting Babar Azam’s private conversation on TV without his permission was not justified. Let us remember the value of privacy. Karma is real, and it hits back!

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The actions of the hacker preaching honesty while pretending to be Waseem put an ironic twist to the issue. While security concerns were raised, many users interacted with the tweets in a playful way commenting and reacting to the unexpected content.

Fans and followers wait for a response from Waseem after regaining control of his account. This incident serves as a sobering reminder of the vulnerability of even well-known figures in the face of online security challenges.

Waseem joined X in October 2012 and has a large fan following there. The hacked account of Waseem has currently 5.1 million followers.

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