Karachi fisherman becomes a millionaire overnight

Karachi fisherman becomes a millionaire overnight

Karachi fisherman becomes a millionaire overnight

Karachi fisherman Haji Baloch becomes a millionaire overnight after selling a rare fish. Haji belongs to Ibrahim Hyderi village and became an unexpected millionaire after auctioning off a rare fish.

The fortune of the Fisherman turned when he and his team caught the prized “Sowa” or golden fish from the depths of the Arabian Sea. The captured prey golden fish has significant medicinal properties such as making surgery thread.

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The special caught “Sowa” is popular for its valuable healing properties. Additionally, Haji auctioned this precious fish in Karachi harbor for a remarkable price of 70 million rupees.

Mubarak Khan of the Pakistan Fisherman Folk Forum highlighted the importance of this lucrative sale stressing the Sowa fish’s uniqueness and value. Each fish earned an amazing 7 million rupees at auction with chemicals from its belly beneficial for medicinal properties and even use in surgical treatments.

Karachi fisherman becomes a millionaire overnight

Beyond its monetary value, the Sowa is culturally and traditionally important having roots in local medicinal and culinary practices.

Sowa has a weight between 20 to 40 kilograms. It exists at depths up to 1.5 meters in the Sea. It is among the highly valued species and is in high demand in East Asian countries.

Haji Baloch expressed his excitement at finding this abundant haul in the open seas of Karachi. Haji experienced an unexpected stroke of luck. He intends to spread the money among his crew of seven. He has the determination to share his newfound wealth.

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