United Nations and IOM appeal Pakistan to keep Afghan Nationals

United Nations and IOM appeal Pakistan to keep Afghan Nationals

United Nations and IOM appeal Pakistan to keep Afghan Nationals

In a joint press release on Oct 7, 2023 UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and IOM appeal Pakistan to keep the Afghan Nationals in their country for safety purposes.

International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and UNHCR – Bangkok urges Pakistan to provide shelter to Afghan nationals. Because Afghan nationals could be in danger if sent back to their country.

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The joint statement came out when the Pakistani government decided to crack down on Afghan nationals and other illegal immigrants in the country for safety and security reasons.

Women and Girls in Afghanistan face a lot of challenges living in freedom. The new government in Afghanistan has implemented a lot of restrictions for women and girls. Women and girls are restricted in terms of studying, wearing clothes, and other aspects of life. So in this regard, UNHCR and IOM stated:

“Afghanistan is going through a humanitarian crisis with several human rights problems, especially for women and girls”

IOM and UNHCR joint press statement

Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

Find out why Pakistan announced big crackdown on illegal Immigrants and Afghan nationals.

While the Pakistan government has clarified all the misunderstandings. “We are not specifically targeting Afghan nationals in our operations but targeting all the illegal immigrants”, the Pakistan government stated.

United Nations and IOM jointly appeal to Pakistan to keep Afghan Nationals. They also come up with solutions to mitigate the risk of security concerns and to keep the Afghan nationals.

“We have a great understanding with the Pakistan government and we are ready to provide a comprehensive mechanism to register and manage Afghan nationals”. the joint statement stated.

In the joint statement, UNHCR and IOM are concerned that Afghan nationals especially women and girls could be in great danger if forcefully sent back to Afghanistan. Additionally, UNHCR and IOM continue to stop countries from forcefully sending Afghan nationals back and ensure safe returns to Afghanistan.

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